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About SMS

Supplier Management Solutions, Inc. (“SMS”) was established in 2007 and quickly became a leader to many Prime Aerospace Manufacturers for third party services that support on-time delivery improvement to Commercial and Defense Production Lines. Headquartered in Temecula, California, with localized offices throughout the U.S., SMS’ team of dedicated Delivery Assurance Specialists, Program and Regional Managers and Directors are deployed to hundreds of suppliers domestically and internationally in support of increasing on-time delivery.

Steve M. Clarke, CEO/President, and his management team come with over 30 years of industry experience. Together they understand the current realities and the urgent need for a more efficient and cost effective supply chain management solution. Supplier Management Solutions, Inc. offers a customized, and fully integrated supplier management service that results in quality parts arriving to your production line “on-time, every-time”.

SMS is capable of assuming everything from ensuring product readiness, cutting purchase orders, following up on part deliveries, reporting and tracking detailed milestone, and on-site surveillance of your supply base, as well as many other services. A combination of our proprietary CORE© System, highly skilled staff, and standard detail-driven processes makes our solution unique, and brings significant results to both you and your End-User Customers. Our approach will help make program delays and part shortages a thing of the past, giving value to our Customer.

In recognition of SMS’s efforts to significantly improve Supplier On-Time Delivery Performance of quality manufactured parts, we have been awarded the prestigious recognition from Northrop Grumman as their 2008 and 2009 “Supplier of the Year” and recognized as a “Lockheed Martin Preferred Supplier”.